Our Mission and Team

Imagine a world where everyone is independent with their healthcare needs. Imagine a world where moms feel empowered to use natural solutions to improve their quality of life and the lives of their family on a daily basis. Here at Natural Solutions For Moms (NSFM) we are realistic optimists.


    We believe that living a more vibrant and abundant life is possible, but not without the proper education, personalized support, and products to help close the gap from where you are today to where you want to be in the future.

    NSFM teaches moms how to improve their health with Natural Solutions that are safe and effective. Being prepared for life’s little emergencies by having Natural Solutions within arm’s reach and saving money along the way is our life’s mission.

We envision a healer in every home where you can pass these positive habits on to your husband, kids, and their extended families. NSFM is leading a movement to inspire moms to take their health to the next level through a more fact based approach that produces real results.

We are fascinated by the moms who make the greatest impact in their own lives and home, those with the capacity to live a more proactive wellness lifestyle, and those who are dedicated to leaving a legacy of health and wellness that breaks the cycle of a family history of health issues. 

    Lance and Malee are very passionate about helping moms become the best version of themselves and have done a complete 180 with their own health after somebody first loved on them with education and understanding. After years of extensive research on nutrition and some trial an error, they’ve distilled their knowledge in a easy to absorb format that can help you today! Now their cup runeth over with love and information and want to pour that into your life!

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